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  • для студентов – распечатка и переплет дипломных и курсовых работ, авторефератов
  • для молодоженов - свадебная фотосъемка
  • для друзей – широкий ассортимент подарков и сувениров
  • для организаций - комплексное сопровождение

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Проспект Вернадского: 8 (905) 547-11-88
Москва, Проспект Вернадского, д. 39, ТЦ "Оливье"

Проспект Вернадского: 8 (905) 547-11-44
Москва, Проспект Вернадского, д. 41, стр. 3, пав. 26.

Время работы: с 9:30 до 21:00
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METAIRIE, La. -- Ryan Ramczyk hasn't won the New Orleans Saints' Kenny Vaccaro Jerseys left tackle job yet. But it's not exactly a wide-open competition either. The Saints' first-round draft pick has taken almost every snap with the first-string offense when healthy during training camp -- because, frankly, he needs every snap if he has any shot of earning the job. Mark Ingram Jerseys "Every play. He needs every rep," said Saints offensive line coach Dan Roushar, who was blunt about where Ramczyk is in his development after playing just one year at Wisconsin, then missing almost all of OTAs and minicamp recovering from hip surgery, then missing the last week of practice and the preseason opener with an unspecified injury.

"Every day he's making progress. And I think our entire staff feels this way, we just want him to come faster than he is right now," Michael Thomas Jerseys Roushar said. "But his intent in the meeting room, his coachability has been outstanding. [If] he struggles with something, we address it, we go out and we work it, we see improvement. Willie Snead Jerseys And that's really encouraging. "I've been impressed with how he works. His work ethic, his toughness, really give him high marks there. We just need the daily experience for him to come along." Ramczyk had a similar take on the situation -- knowing he hasn't earned anything yet, but believing he has the ability to do so.

"I don't know if there's enough time to say I've earned anything yet. So I've gotta keep working," Ramczyk said. "But right now, I think there's not a ton of depth at that position, so I'm kind of the next man up. So I gotta keep improving." Brandin Cooks Jerseys Ramczyk and Roushar also agreed that so far, the 6-foot-6, 314-pounder has been further along with his run blocking than his pass protection. But he did both at a high level at Wisconsin -- which earned him first-team All-American honors and made him the 32nd pick in the draft. "In the pass pro right now, like all young players, learning how to use his hands to get to his spot in his set pattern and then to throw his hands, that's just something that we've been harping on, harping on, harping on," Roushar said. "And every day we see a little bit of improvement. And as a I tell him, a little bit of improvement's a lot."